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Jeff's Pivot Shuttle SL Review

Jeff's Pivot Shuttle SL Review

Yes, it's an E-Bike.
What is any caring son supposed to do when his Dad buys a new Super Light E-Mountain Bike? Make sure it's safe to ride? Ensure it's running properly? Find out its capabilities to ensure dear old Dad doesn't get in over his head...?  Well, I've been asking myself those things to find yet another reason to take it out for a rip.  The truth of the matter is that I actually just really love riding it. 
The bike in question is a 2023 Pivot Shuttle SL.  It is a carbon framed all mountain trail bike, 29er, 150mm of travel up front & 132mm in the back.  The SL stands for Super Light, which is a newish category of E-MTB's, featuring lighter motor units and lighter batteries that result in the bike weighing closer to 40lbs, in contrast to Traditional E-MTB's that are often coming in at 55lbs.  So, it's significantly lighter bike that is way easier to handle, incredibly capable descending and with more than enough power to help you get up any trail you choose to climb.  
But why do I really love riding it? 
I have a few reasons.
Time.  Time is my limiting factor at the moment.  Life's busy right now and I simply don't have 3-4h to ride very often.  Which is a bit of a problem for me, as most of my favorite rides need that much time.  So I settle.  I settle for the close trails, ones selected because that's all I have time to ride.  The e-mtb is a total game changer.  Although my time windows remain the same, the places I can get to open up so many more options for me.  I can sneak in a quick ride and get out to my favorite trails, no problem.  
Enough but not too much power.  I'm not looking to give up fitness, nor do I want the bike to do all the work.  I want to sweat, I want to huff and  puff, I want to feel a sense of accomplishment and I'm not looking to blow the doors off every other biker out there.  The smaller Super Light drive units, when running on their lowest level of assist offer just that.  I am still doing the work.  It is my legs pumping the bike up the trail.  Only it feels like me on my best day ever!  It's as if I had the right amount of sleep, I ate the right food, I'm feeling damn good,  I'm on fire!  Every time...
It feels like a Mountain Bike, not a tank.  As mentioned above, the bench mark on the Super Lights is 40lbs.  And 40lbs is very manageable weight for all the little things, like picking it up, putting on a car rack, hanging it in the garage. On the trail they feel like a slight more planted trail bike, but still totally agile.  I love the combination.  It will ride fun and playful when you want but point and shoot with a low and stable feeling if desired.  Honestly, it is an absolute treat to descend on.  
Pivot Shuttle SL Fernie
I'm pretty sure I haven't actually stolen my Dad's brand new E-Bike, but it's starting to feel that way. And what's going to happen if we want to ride together? Is there any option other than getting one for myself? Am I ready to cross that line and be an e-mtb owner?  Honestly, I believe the real question is what colour do I want?!
Ski Base is offering both the award wining Pivot Shuttle SL and the newly updated Specialized Levo SL.  Both are best-in-class super light e-mtbs.  We would be more than happy to help select the perfect model for you!
Check out the Shuttle SL HERE.
And this year's Specialized Levo Comp SL HERE.
See you out there,
Jeff J


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